How It Works

Step 1

Download the Contineo WiFi app onto your mobile device
Use the QR codes to the right to download the app or click the links to get it from the Android Market or the Apple App Store.
Download from the Android Marketplace Download from the Apple App Store
Register now for a Contineo WiFi account

Step 2

Register an account via the Web or via the mobile app
Registration lets you add and manage your secure wireless access points and favorite networks, save networks passwords for secure auto-connect, share Wi-Fi access points and more.

Step 3

Find Free Wi-Fi Anywhere and Connect Instantly!
Automatically scan for Wi-Fi hotspots near you and view locations on a map. Get directions, save preferred locations and use Wi-Fi wherever you go.
Reduce wireless data charges and save money.
Share Wi-Fi access points with friends and family.
Save your favorite hot spots and secure wireless passwords.

Contineo WiFi is the “smart” connection manager that lets you find free Wi-Fi hot spots anywhere and automatically switches between Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.