For Enterprises and Wireless Operators

With Contineo, enterprises and wireless operators can enable mobile end users to intelligently and securely access designated broadband networks when and where they need them.

Contineo’s database-driven cognitive networking platform provides automatic authentication, registration and connectivity to offload wireless data to corporate networks or extended Wi-Fi networks.

The “smart” mobile connection manager and our proprietary performance algorithms optimizes wireless access in real-time by identifying and automatically switching between 3G/4G and available Wi-Fi broadband connections. The results in optimized data throughput to improve performance for the user, reduce power consumption, and lower the costs of wireless data usage.

Enterprise and Carrier Benefits:
  • Automatic access to secure Wi-Fi networks for mobile subscribers.
  • Mobile device connection control to keep end users on corporate or designated networks.
  • Reduce wireless data consumption by setting preferential network usage.
  • Reduce the threat of viruses and data theft by only connecting to secure networks.
  • Centralized management via web portal for easy management of employee connections and network resources.
  • Recover lost devices with mobile device location tracking.
End User Benefits:
  • Automatic switching to Wi-Fi – no need to turn Wi-Fi on and off.
  • Highest connection speeds with real-time switching between access points.
  • Maps that show available hot spots at the location or a destination.
  • Automatic connections without the need to remember passwords or access codes.
  • Longer battery life because Wi-Fi is switched On/Off based on available connections.

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