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Did you know that it’s approximately five times more profitable to spend marketing dollars to retain current customers than it is to acquire new customers? Everyone knows the value of repeat purchases, which is why customer retention strategies are more important than ever.
Contineo offers brands and marketers the opportunity to initiate immediate marketing and promotion strategies to its customers utilizing access to Wi-Fi hot spots to build customer loyalty and increase retention.

Contineo is a strategic and powerful mobile marketing tool with embedded technology that allows for limitless types of mobile customer interactions. Immediately strengthen your customer retention strategies, enhance your rewards programs and loyalty benefits, and incorporate real-time, geo-location based promotions and discounts for your customers.

With Contineo, you choose whom you reach, when you reach them and where you reach them.
You can create an unlimited number of customized paths for an individual to follow from first contact to purchase or offer redemption, so you can maximize the value of your customers.

Features and Benefits:
  • Strengthen Customer Retention Strategies and Build Customer Loyalty
  • Create a Branded Mobile App or Enhance an Existing One
  • Offer Real-time and Location-based Discounts & Promotions
  • Increase Effectiveness of Marketing Budget
  • Turn Wi-Fi into an Untapped Revenue Stream
  • 100% Permission-based Marketing

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Why Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is vastly becoming a preferred medium for marketers as customers are accessing Wi-Fi more and more each day for mobile data and device enhancement. The number of Wi-Fi enabled devices continues to grow and consumers are looking to Wi-Fi to offload their data usage as wireless networks become more costly to access. Smart marketers recognize this shift towards Wi-Fi and are ready to embrace consumers as the flood gates open.

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